Working on a Startup Project

I’ve been working on Fontdeck since . This was my first experience of working on a startup project and it’s been an incredible one.

Fontdeck was created as a joint project between Clearleft and OmniTI, it lets you use custom fonts on your website and sorts out all the fiddly stuff.

Since joining the project, I’ve been involved in refreshing every single page of the website and generally improving the experience. There’s a great sense of satisfaction watching something take shape in this way, and getting to leave my mark on a site as prominent as Fontdeck is a huge privilege.

Because this project is internal to Clearleft, we have complete control over it. If I’m not sure which decision to make I just walk over to Paul, Andy or Rich and we can have a quick chat, ensuring that we make the best decision. When compared to typical client relationship, where communication is much more complex and often inefficient, we have a good thing here.

I feel a small team where every person can offer some specific skill set is ideal for Fontdeck; there’s real momentum to the work going on. Perhaps with the pace of the internet being so incredibly fast, lean and mean is often a huge advantage.

Working in the same room as all the other guys at Clearleft, I also get to see life on the other side of the pond. When working with large corporate clients, communication is key. It can literally make or break a project. I think the guys handle this incredibly well, and I’m secretly learning from them all the time!

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